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city soul project [Apr. 2nd, 2006|11:26 am]
All over the world: culture, language, history, tr
The main concept behind CitySoul is to create a simstim [see below]
prototype - alteration of your everyday urban soundscape, so it
converts an usual city walk to absolutely new experience - an
experience of virtual sound environment. DIY VR, if you wish. CitySoul
tracks are urban soundscapes, recorded by project members. So you take
your wearable sound device (a CD/MP3/MC/whatever player) and have
your sound environment substituded by that of another city, another
country etc. That is, "what you hear isn't what you see", visual data
do not match audio - and that's still City.

http://cyberpunk.barzha.com/csp/faq_eng.html - english FAQ

это попытка оцифровать атмосферу Ночного Города, создать настроение, которое можно ощутить только ночью, дыша безграничным морем неона, нескончаемым потоком ночного шоссе...
Берем диктофоны - и на прогулку.

content of City Soul: audio
CitySoul n0, 2k3 download
Piter Metro, 2k4, by afx_ download
CitySoul - Ufa, 2k4 download
A Walk In Varna City by Christian Kirtchev Side A, 2k4 download
A Walk In Varna City by Christian Kirtchev Side B, 2k4 download
Ukarine. Freedom lives when the state dies, 2k4 download + cover, backcover

Osaka: East - North - South - West
Osaka Prefecture: East - North - South
Tokyo: Tokyo, Oct 2k5 - Akihabara District
Hong-Kong: Hong-Kong, Oct 2k5
Sprawl: 1

Shinjuku - 320x240, 3.7m
Shibuya - 160x120, 3.6m
Chong qing sen lin - Chungking Express - ЧангКинг Экспресс imdb
Duo luo tian shi - Fallen Angels - Падшие Ангелы imdb

The Tokyo Riverside Skyline +09 GMT
Chiba City +09 GMT
Privera Geneve +01 GMT